Thinking out of the box, Leos creating their own unique shirts

Last spring, we had one Saturday which was designated to designing and creating out own t-shirts so that when we would host an event or went to a Conference we could look uniform and it was clear to which Leo Club we belonged. Let me just bring you back to that particular day when we had an inspirational experience where each and every Leo club member got to show their creative side. The shirts we had ordered to decorate where a bright lime green, which we thought was great because off the bat we would already be standing out in a crowd. Next, we had lioness Sue Striker, the author of the best-selling Anti-Coloring Book® series come and assist us in creating our shirts.

Author of the Anti-Coloring books

Sue Striker, picture via

Susan brought us fabric markers which we divided across the tables, and each person spread out so they had enough room to work. As for the designs we put on our shirts, the only requirement was to use a Leo Club Logo, the rest was up to us. We could put anything on there, peace signs, hearts, stars, really anything you wanted that you thought showed what the Leos meant to you and why you were in the club. In addition, we all included a quote on the back that inspired us to do good.

 All in all, creating those t-shirts was a fun learning experience because I bonded with people that maybe weren’t my best friends, but now I can call us close. Also you got to see how some people express themselves which made me personally embrace and look further to see what I could really do if I set my mind to it, which goes even further because if I can apply that to making a shirt I am pretty sure I can apply it to something greater.

We proudly wore our shirts during the first Connecticut Leo Club Conference we attended and I think we inspired a lot of Leo Groups with our abundant creativity!

We’ll post pictures of our shirts soon.

Written by Andrianna.


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  1. Sue Striker says:

    This was such a fun day! I work with children of all ages every day of my life, but the Leo’s creativity astonished me. Every shirt showed original thinking and was packed full of positive self expression and pride in being a Leo. I hope that we do it all again. Hats? Umbrellas? Piggy Banks? (so we can save to do even more for others)

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