The Leos say: Stop Animal testing

I would like to talk to you about Animal Testing, since it is a subject close to our hearts.  Anyways, I actually just presented a persuasive speech that we had to write at Joel Barlow High, and I decided to speak up about Animal Testing.

While I was doing my research, I found a lot of shocking facts, figures and stories. Which is why I’m writing this blog entry, I want to share how immoral and cruel I think testing on animals really is.

I’m especially appaled when animals are used to test the effect of less necessary items like fragrances or make-up.  The products are sprayed in their eyes, on their skin and they have them digest products. It hurts them tremendously, just like it would hurt us, if these tests were done on people, but they have no voice, the can’t protest, we have to be their voice and make them heard through us.

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There are many reasons not to test on animals:

  • We don’t have the right to use animals like this!
  • In the last decades new techniques have been developed, that make it less necessary to test on animals. Many organizations are constantly looking for alternatives: like the John Hopkins University Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing.  They talk about the 3 R’s of Alternatives to Animal Testing: Replacement, Refinement and Reduction. Read more about the 3 R’s HERE.
  • There are numerous cases that highlight that humans and animals have a biology that is completely different, For example: morphine calms humans but excites cats, cortisone causes birth defects in mice but not in humans, penicillin kills Guinea pigs and hamsters and aspirin poisons cats. If the results of tests on animals had been relied upon we would not have penicillin or digitalis (a drug used by heart patients but which was withheld for a long time because it was found to raise the blood pressure of dogs). We would also be without chloroform (once a common anesthetic but not used initially because it was toxic to dogs) and aspirin (which causes foetal deformities in rats and is toxic to certain animals). Certain steroids, adrenaline, insulin and some antibiotics are also toxic to many animals but medically beneficial to humans. 

Since there still are many companies that test on animals, I have made the personal decision to refrain from using their products.

Help reduce animal testing by picking the brands that do not test on animals. You can find a list of companies that refrain from testing on animals on Caring Consumer.

Don't Hurt Me!

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The good news is that more and more people have decided not to use products that are tested on animals as there are many alternative products available from companies that have made it their mission not to use Animal Testing. You can do your share by looking for products with the  “Not Tested On Animals Logo”.

Recent articles suggest that modern technology will aim to replace Animal Testing in the near future. There are studies on laboratory grown human skin that have proven to be very successful. Read more on this subject HERE. 

In the meantime I’ll continue to blog about the fair treatment of animals and will try to educate people on this subject. Animals Don’t Deserve This! 

Written by T.J.


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    animals r to cute to be treated lik dat i wold sue

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