Dog Day was a great succes!

December 3rd, 2010, posted in Causes, Wet Kisses and Dirty Paws, What we do, Who we are

The dog day was great! There was a big turnout and everyone had a lot of fun, even the Leos, although we all had to work really hard!

That week a hurricane came by that almost prevented us from having the event. Fortunately it didn’t come ashore and the day was blustery but bright and sunny.

I was in charge of the Kidz Zone with Michelle (who is also an Easton Leo) and we had to keep an eye on a bunch of little kids. We had a great time helping the kids make arts and crafts and playing with their CUTE dogs!! I think it made a lot of kids happy to have a place that they could hang out, while being involved in all kinds of activities.  

There were dogs of all kinds everywhere and they were all adorable! Fidelco had a booth and attended with a couple of guide dogs in training, they did a guide dog demo in the morning. All of the vendors were really nice, some had great stuff to sell, while others were very informative, and of course most brought their own dogs. Our advisors (Nicoline and Marnie) did a WONDERFUL job overseeing everything and kicking our butts into shape. We owe them so much.

The day was long and full of all kinds of dog related activities and events. My friend Michelle said that, “the dog day was an experience I’ll always remember”, seeing a bright smile on every person’s face made it totally worthwhile even apart from all funds that we raised that day for the Town of Easton Animal Shelter and Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation. I was glad about the turn out and I was happy to help such a great cause.” The other Leo’s had a similar reaction, all feeling that we did a great thing for our town and community while having fun!

We can’t wait to start on new projects to help people!

For more pictures of the event by Pamela Einarsen Photography: click here.

Written by: Tori


Radio Appearances by Easton Leos

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Can you imagine being on the radio as a teenager? The Leo Club was invited for an interview on Wet Kisses and Dirty Paws by a couple major regional radio stations….such a great opportunity for them.

TJ and Tiffany were on Cox Radio for a 20 min. interview with John LaBarca. John did everything to make the kids feel at home and they did a great job! A little nervous at first but soon they were talking like it was their daytime job. TJ and Tiffany talked about all aspects of being a Leo, past activities, Leo and Lions Clubs, their motives to be in a community service group, attending Joel Barlow High School, and of course they spoke at length about Wet Kisses and Dirty Paws RDO Day. The interview has aired for the last 2 weeks and will be aired till the event on WSTC Radio, 96.7 The Coast and 95.9 The Fox.

A week later Tiffany and Tori were interviewed on WICC by Mike Bellamy, also this interview went really smooth, we had a lot of responses on their radio apperience right away.Well done ladies! and thanks for having us COX and WICC radio, we really appreciate it!

It was a fun experience for the both of them.


Re-Use, Reduce and Recycle – all for a good cause!

August 10th, 2010, posted in Uncategorized

Last week the Leos had to do a dirty job, being a leo is not always a ‘walk in the park’, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to make some cash for a good cause….during the Town of Easton Firemens Carnival the leos collected cans and recyclables. So we were really talking trash all week! 

The carnival itself is organized as a fundraiser for the Easton Fire Department to pay for maintenance of the the building and the operational costs. The Leos collected recyclables every day, starting at 7:30 PM, did a round every hour, last round at 11PM, about 7 big bags of recyclables were collected! The proceeds will be added to the proceeds of Wet Kisses and Dirty Paws AKC Responsible Dogownership Day on September 4th 2010. 

We’re doing everything we can to make this day a succes, please spread the word and invite your friends to come!

Here’s a fun video about the Carnival:


Beauty of Easton Highlighted in Leo Club 2010 Calendar

June 29th, 2010, posted in Uncategorized, What we do

One day, at one of our most productive Leo meetings, someone brought up the idea to create a calendar.

This seemed to be the perfect item to sell at Silverman’s farm in Easton in the fall of 2009.  As Irv Silverman is a member of the Easton Lions Club himself, he allowed us to have a booth at the farm in the apple picking season. Little did we know how much of a good time we would have, and how much hard work it would take to bring this idea from being written on paper, to being an authentic Leo’s 2010 Calendar!

We decided to create calendar that had pictures from the Easton area from all season. The first pictures were taken in the middle of the winter. Before going to meet at the Deen’s house, my sister and I put on some of our warmest Winter clothing, got our cameras ready, and we went out to have a good time in the beautiful Winter weather. I could tell we were not there to fool around, we took some great pictures of the Easton winter scenery.

From that day on, everyone independently took gorgeous snapshots of the Easton scenery and environment, if you’ve seen the calendar you might recognize some of the Easton landmarks!



Fall beauty at Silverman's Farm

Have a look at the full calendar here: Easton Leo Calendar 2009 2010 final

As the seasons passed we made and sent pictures and voted on pictures that we wanted to use. When it came to printing the calendar, the company where TJ’s dad works, Oce North America, offered to print the calendars, and their neighboring company KENO Graphic services, did the finishing. A BIG THANK YOU! – without your help this would not have been possible!

Looking at the finished calendar for 2010 felt like a dream, we were so happy with the final result. We sold them at Silverman’s, to family members and we even became door to door salespeople. I hope we will do it again for the year of 2011!

Writter by: Tiffany


The Leos say: Stop Animal testing

June 26th, 2010, posted in Causes, What we do, Who we are

I would like to talk to you about Animal Testing, since it is a subject close to our hearts.  Anyways, I actually just presented a persuasive speech that we had to write at Joel Barlow High, and I decided to speak up about Animal Testing.

While I was doing my research, I found a lot of shocking facts, figures and stories. Which is why I’m writing this blog entry, I want to share how immoral and cruel I think testing on animals really is.

I’m especially appaled when animals are used to test the effect of less necessary items like fragrances or make-up.  The products are sprayed in their eyes, on their skin and they have them digest products. It hurts them tremendously, just like it would hurt us, if these tests were done on people, but they have no voice, the can’t protest, we have to be their voice and make them heard through us.

Stop Animal TestingPhoto via

There are many reasons not to test on animals:

  • We don’t have the right to use animals like this!
  • In the last decades new techniques have been developed, that make it less necessary to test on animals. Many organizations are constantly looking for alternatives: like the John Hopkins University Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing.  They talk about the 3 R’s of Alternatives to Animal Testing: Replacement, Refinement and Reduction. Read more about the 3 R’s HERE.
  • There are numerous cases that highlight that humans and animals have a biology that is completely different, For example: morphine calms humans but excites cats, cortisone causes birth defects in mice but not in humans, penicillin kills Guinea pigs and hamsters and aspirin poisons cats. If the results of tests on animals had been relied upon we would not have penicillin or digitalis (a drug used by heart patients but which was withheld for a long time because it was found to raise the blood pressure of dogs). We would also be without chloroform (once a common anesthetic but not used initially because it was toxic to dogs) and aspirin (which causes foetal deformities in rats and is toxic to certain animals). Certain steroids, adrenaline, insulin and some antibiotics are also toxic to many animals but medically beneficial to humans. 

Since there still are many companies that test on animals, I have made the personal decision to refrain from using their products.

Help reduce animal testing by picking the brands that do not test on animals. You can find a list of companies that refrain from testing on animals on Caring Consumer.

Don't Hurt Me!

Photo via www:

The good news is that more and more people have decided not to use products that are tested on animals as there are many alternative products available from companies that have made it their mission not to use Animal Testing. You can do your share by looking for products with the  “Not Tested On Animals Logo”.

Recent articles suggest that modern technology will aim to replace Animal Testing in the near future. There are studies on laboratory grown human skin that have proven to be very successful. Read more on this subject HERE. 

In the meantime I’ll continue to blog about the fair treatment of animals and will try to educate people on this subject. Animals Don’t Deserve This! 

Written by T.J.


“Wet Kisses and Dirty Paws” RDO Day coming together

June 22nd, 2010, posted in Wet Kisses and Dirty Paws, What we do, Who we are, Who we meet

The Leos are putting their best “paws” forward in organizing their AKC ® Responsible Dog Ownership Day. They are working dilligently on all kinds of chores, some really fun ones:

  • Talk to possible vendors/sponsors/donors
  • Create  a Detailed RDO Day BrochureSponsor Proposal Package, Silent Auction form  and Vendor Agreement (with a little help!)
  • Create a map to see who goes where
  • Find Dog blogs and Dog related stores we can contact
  • To visit similar events with the purpose of contacting vendors. We asked the Leos to talk to all the vendors that attended the Greenwich Dog   Show, to promote their own event and ask whether they would like to be involved in any way. First sales experience at the age of 15/16, very impressive! Although they felt uncomfortable at times, they did a great job, were very succesful, we saw them grow throughout the day!

And the less popular chores that also have to be done:

  • To find tents we can rent at a reasonable fee
  • To make sure there are enough Portapotti’s – it’s a dirty job!
  • Find tables and chairs we can use
  •  Make sure all promotional material is printed, folded, stapled and put together in neat packages
  • Following up with everyone, make sure everything gets done
  • Make sure all permits are applied for, field permissions are arranged, Easton Police Department is on board….etc. etc.

They’re doing an awesome job so far, many companies have expressed interest or have already signed up as a Donors, Vendors and/or Sponsors, and the list is growing every day. See our Detailed Brochure to see who’s on board.

We’re also very excited to present our new poster to you, created free of charge by designer Stefan Jans of “Prints of Orange” in Milford, thanks Stefan, great job!


Post by Nicoline


Thinking out of the box, Leos creating their own unique shirts

June 3rd, 2010, posted in Just for fun, What we do, Who we meet

Last spring, we had one Saturday which was designated to designing and creating out own t-shirts so that when we would host an event or went to a Conference we could look uniform and it was clear to which Leo Club we belonged. Let me just bring you back to that particular day when we had an inspirational experience where each and every Leo club member got to show their creative side. The shirts we had ordered to decorate where a bright lime green, which we thought was great because off the bat we would already be standing out in a crowd. Next, we had lioness Sue Striker, the author of the best-selling Anti-Coloring Book® series come and assist us in creating our shirts.

Author of the Anti-Coloring books

Sue Striker, picture via

Susan brought us fabric markers which we divided across the tables, and each person spread out so they had enough room to work. As for the designs we put on our shirts, the only requirement was to use a Leo Club Logo, the rest was up to us. We could put anything on there, peace signs, hearts, stars, really anything you wanted that you thought showed what the Leos meant to you and why you were in the club. In addition, we all included a quote on the back that inspired us to do good.

 All in all, creating those t-shirts was a fun learning experience because I bonded with people that maybe weren’t my best friends, but now I can call us close. Also you got to see how some people express themselves which made me personally embrace and look further to see what I could really do if I set my mind to it, which goes even further because if I can apply that to making a shirt I am pretty sure I can apply it to something greater.

We proudly wore our shirts during the first Connecticut Leo Club Conference we attended and I think we inspired a lot of Leo Groups with our abundant creativity!

We’ll post pictures of our shirts soon.

Written by Andrianna.


“Wet Kisses and Dirty Paws” an AKC® Responsible Dog Ownership Day

May 27th, 2010, posted in Causes, Uncategorized, Wet Kisses and Dirty Paws, What we do

This year, when we heard that our local animal shelter was in need of support, we decided to tackle a huge challenge by organizing an event to support both the Town of Easton Animal Shelter as well as the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation. We are proud to present: “Wet Kisses And Dirty Paws”,  an AKC® Responsible Dog Ownership Day, organized by the Easton Leos in collaboration with the Trap Falls Kennel Club.

I’m very excited to be working on this, but also a bit nervous because we have never worked on a project of this scale before. However, we’re ready to take the “bull by the horns” and pull this off, which I know we can. We’ve made many secret plans and discussed a lot within the group, Marnie Waiwat from the Easton Animal Shelter and the members of Trap Falls Kennel Club. I wouldn’t want to give away too much of the festivities that are going to be taking place that day, September 4th 2010, if you were wondering.. ……….but I think that I can give you an impression, so Spoiler Alert for the dog day! We’re planning to have contests, vendors, raffles, a silent auction, fun things to do for dogs, kids and much much more…..

I can guarantee you that this day will be a lot of fun for the whole family, young and old, and your four legged friend!  Not only will it be tons of fun, by attending you’re also supporting two great causes. The Leo Club will not keep any of the profits, and we don’t want to either, we’d much rather see it all go to Fidelco and the Easton Animal Shelter and help out the dogs that need a home and people with visual impairments that are waiting on a Fidelco guide dog. 

Madeline is up for adoption at the Easton Animal Shelter

Now who wouldn’t want to help out Madeline at the dog shelter?

Or sponsor a Fidelco puppy, they’re absolutely irresistible and lifesavers for the visually impaired!

More on the Dog Day in future posts.

Don’t forget, SAVE THE DATE SEPTEMBER 4TH 2010

Facebook Event Page:


Connecticut Leo Conference 2009

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Every year all Leo groups in Connecticut hold an annual Leo Conference to meet up and have fun with all the other Leo groups. These conferences are filled with fun activities, meetings, and lots of  interesting presentations. The conferences are held each year in May and they are usually held at one of the schools where a Leo group is active. Many different fun activities are held at the conferences.

Read Leo Club Logo

Leo Club Logo

A lot of the activities at the conference are for fun and none are competitive. These activities allow kids all ages to bond and meet up in a fun filled afternoon. Many of these activities are fun but also help develop a child’s mental growth like overcoming fear, meeting new people, and listening to the experience of others.

At the Leo conference there are many moments to discuss each groups progress and to talk about what they need to improve or change. These meetings help every group’s progress along the way, so they can maybe become senior Lions when they grow up. There are also speakers of all kind of organizations that receive support from Leo Clubs. One of the most popular charities we donate to is Fidelco, Guide Dog for the Blind Foundation, this foundation is all about helping blind people and training blind guiding dogs, the dogs are given away to blind people all over America.

The presentations at the conference are speeches that hopefully inspire the young Leos to connect with the cause, so they feel motivated to support them in the future. The presentations help the Leos determine which charity they want to help when they get the chance to choose the charity of choice to donate money to. These presentations are very helpful because they make children think about others and not only themselves.

We hope we will have the opportunity to attend more conferences in the future. If you’d like to become a Leo too, you can contact a Leo Club Advisor or a Lions Club in your area.

Thank you for reading,
Stan Deen 13 yr


A treat to satisfy our sweet tooth!

April 14th, 2010, posted in Just for fun, What we do

Written by Alexis

Every year we do a fun activity that is arranged for us to reward us for our hard work over the past year. In December 2008 we went to Mary Colacurcio’s house to make holiday cakes under her professional guidance. 

After she welcomed us into her cozy kitchen, we talked about her career and what inspired her to go into such a profession, and how she started her career.  After our conversation she introduced us to her mixer and the delicious icing that she had prepared for us inside of it, which led us to another and very sweet and yummy topic of discussion!

We also talked about how much her creativity, from being a fan of art and being pretty good at it herself, affected her designs when making pastries. Going from there, she then directed us to her kitchen table that was completely set up for about ten different mini cakes that we would soon cover up with icing and decorate using our own creativity. 


Mary working on her gingerbread creating – picture courtesy of


Mary Colacurcio, pastry chef at Michael Joseph’s Fine Foods, cuts pastillage – a type of sugar based dough for their “Whimsical Gingerbread Castle”  that won third prize in the first Stamford Museum & Nature Center’s Gingerbread creation competition. 

As we circled around the table, she demonstrated how we would make our cakes, using the turntables and butterknife to evenly spread the butter icing.


Photo courtesy of

While we got to work individually on our mini, two-layered chocolate cakes, she came around and offered, not only help, but her own opinion on what we could do to bring our cake “to the next level.” She offered decorating spray, stencils, some fabulous fondant, sprinkles, multicolored icing, an assortment of m&m’s and all the right tools needed to make a great cake!


The finished result! After adding our own flavor to the already yummy cake, we took pictures next to our own creations for memories. We had a fun time and a great cake to take home for the holidays!

 Thanks for everything Mary, we had a blast!